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Introducing the x-100 from InstrumentiX and FMADIO
The x-100 establishes a new industry standard for sustained capture performance and analytics, combining FMADIO’s heritage as the world leader in packet capture appliances with our muti-award winning xMetrics® performance monitoring and analytics solution to support the ever-increasing demands of today’s electronic markets.

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xMetrics® Overview
xMetrics® is a unique modular software solution providing an independent holistic, real-time view of the end-to-end performance of some of the most complex trading environments. Our clients gain critical insight into the behaviour and performance of their systems and the market data they consume, helping them to continuously drive business and operational improvement and comply with regulatory requirements.

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xMetrics® for MiFID II Compliance
• Multi asset class solution for Sell Side, Buy Side and Venues
• Assists in managing regulatory risk without the need to overhaul existing IT infrastructure
• MiFID II performance data can be integrated with other KPI’s
• Fully comprehensive, but affordable solution
• Secure, fully segregated views for different user groups
• Powerful analytics

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xMetrics® Components
The power of
xMetrics® is built on its key components including:
  • Data Capture and Decode
  • Correlation
  • Alerting
  • Summarisation
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xMetrics® Tracking multi-hop performance
In this article we explore the inherent difficulty in performing multi-hop performance measurement across highly distributed trading plants and how xMetrics® easily deals with what is still a fundamental limitation of legacy trade monitoring systems.

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