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xMetrics® Components

Instrumentix - xMetrics Components

Capture and decode

xMetrics® gathers, timestamps and decodes all traffic flowing though the tiers of the platform being instrumented.

Powerful Correlation Engine
The xMetrics® correlation engine is configured to obey the complex, nonlinear relationships inherent in today’s trading platforms and matches together decoded events to create transactions that model the performance of the environment, however complex.


xMetrics® summarises the latency dynamics of the business flows over configurable time periods using one or more dimensions such as symbol, trader etc.

Instrumentix - xMetrics Components

All events are persisted to both an industry-standard relational database and/or ElasticSearch indexes. Redundant data stores can be deployed where required to provide additional data security and resilience.

Real-time adaptive alerting
Business alerts can be configured for any order, quote, tick or fill. Alerts can also be configured against transaction rates; summarised statistical measures, such as percentiles, standard deviation (jitter) and moving averages; or configured against network metrics such as bandwidth, microburst or market data gaps.


xMetrics® provides visualisation options tailored to the needs of different user groups. These include a workflow driven GUI designed for rapid drill down from high level summary data to individual transactions and a lighter weight framework which allows users to quickly and easily design their own dashboards. Alternatively we offer easy integration into other visualisation and monitoring platforms, such as ITRS Geneos or internal proprietary systems.