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Market Data

Instrumentix - Market Data
For consumers of market data it is critical to continuously assess the quality and performance of feeds and understand the characteristics of every single tick that is driving trading decisions. Whether an algorithmic, market making or FX price creation environment not understanding market data anomalies in real time and being able to rapidly react can be extremely costly if built on compromised data.

® not only provides users the ability to monitor for gaps in multicast data feeds but also having fully decoded all the business objects inside each tick alert on trends and anomalies including rate, volume, price movement, whether an instrument is ticking slower than its historical norm, whether ticking on bid but not offer, or whether there is inconsistency between A and B feeds, individual markets or feed handlers.

® can track and alert in real-time on the flow of data across every hop and provide performance metrics on both raw and normalised market data feeds being consumed by any trading environment.

As all data is persisted users can easily be alerted to not only the raw gaps, microbursts, message rates and trends from metadata, but also carry out in depth analysis built on derived metrics created specifically for their business.