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Application Service Providers

Instrumentix - Application Service Providers
Application service providers offering trading and market data applications across all asset classes are coming under increasing pressure to improve customer confidence in their services. They have begun to face calls to provide real-time performance monitoring and reporting tailored to each individual customer, which has proven to be complex, costly and time consuming.

xMetrics® is ideally placed to assist Application Service Providers and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) with a compelling combination of both application performance and network/flow monitoring which can deliver real-time alerting on SLA breaches and provide individual clients a holistic view of both functional and network tiers at the same time in a single solution. 

This is delivered by instrumentation of the application itself, implemented alongside on-the-wire monitoring to provide total end to end visibility, which can be used for forensic analysis internally, and provided to clients for their own analysis with the provision of secure, logically separated views for each unique customer.