InstrumentiX Latency & Flow Monitoring have evolved

Who are we?

InstrumentiX is a London based Software Company with a wealth of experience in delivering Latency & Flow Monitoring solutions. With over 15 years in the financial services sector, we deliver solutions which help Capital Markets firms achieve competitive edge. Our staff have worked both in Investment Banks and Venues, implementing and supporting the complex platforms these entities operate. This means, uniquely, that we understand your Business, from the inside.

xMetrics - know your flow

xMetrics is a highly optimized Latency & Flow Monitoring System which delivers critical insight into some of the world’s most complex Trading environments. It provides understanding of performance problems in both Execution & Price Creation/Consumption paths and allows hot spots to be identified quickly, facilitating accelerated fault finding and targeted investment into those areas that are the cause of opportunity loss and increased arbitrage possibilities for competitors.


It is critical that you understand the performance across all tiers within your Trading and Market Data environment. You need a flexible, scalable and modular solution which provides visibility of issues wherever - and whenever - they arise.
Use cases

Extranet Service Providers

Your clients now demand metrics from a flow and application perspective, not just the network. Currently these needs are difficult to meet and problem diagnosis can be a lengthy process. You also need to differentiate by offering value added Services.
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It’s not enough just to measure the latency from the client gateway, it’s also important to understand, and even publish performance performance for each tier of your Platform, including the Matching Engine and Price Publishers.
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Application Service Providers

Your clients continue to demand realtime performance monitoring and reporting. Not only is it hard to provide views for each customer but it’s also preferable to provide independent performance metrics as they increase customer confidence in your service.
How xMetrics can help you achieve this